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Aug 20, 2009

Confusion reigns....

Well, the human rights commission ha sbeen here for four days and there are many who are saying they could have written their report without even coming. The authorities here are convinced that there will be no impartiality in the report. All reports seem to indicate that they have not spoken with anyone other than those in the "resistance". It is confusing to me that a group that is here to obtain evidence and judge the conditions surrounding human rights violations is denying people the right to talk to them about how their rights have been violated. Here is a description from La Gringa of what some are feeling.

Deposed president "Mel" Zelaya is again supposed to return to Honduras. This time the date is sometime before the 1st of September. The idea is that he will come when the OAS commission is here so he can sign the San Jose Agreement. The authorities here are still maintaining that Zelaya is welcome, but only in so far as to face the justice system. Maybe we are finally coming to a real end to the crisis. Somehow I doubt it.

I didn't hear, see, or read of any demonstrations today. That sure doesn't suggest that they didn't happen, just that they were not where I was and nothing is n the local media. Zelaya's wife did come out today and call on the supporters to continue their marching.


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