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Aug 14, 2009

more human rights violations reported....

It was a quiet day here in Tegucigalpa, but there was a major confrontation in the northern town of Choloma. I have no doubt that, like most any fight, there is plenty of blame that can be attributed to both sides, but I am very bothered by the reports of violations of human rights and freedom of the press. Here is a report from this afternoon's confrontation from a pro-Zelaya blogger, Honduras Coup 2009.....

Radio Progreso reporter missing in demonstration in Choloma

By email, correspondents in Honduras report that in a violent police action against a takeover of the highway in Choloma, north of San Pedro Sula, a reporter for the Jesuit-sponsored Radio Progreso, one of the few free media in the country, was communicating from the demonstration when his cell phonewas cut off.

On the air Radio Progreso is broadcasting news from this demonstration, disrupted, like others, with tear gas and truncheons.

A lawyer for the defense of demonstrators reports being beaten when he approached police to identify himself as representing those captured.

The missing reporter is Gustavo Cardoza, whose last report by phone was that the police had drawn a gun and were pursuing him.

Tiempo is now reporting that there has been a violent dislodging of the protesters in Choloma by 200 police using teargas and night sticks, and that one of their reporters is being held by the police. Tiempo reports that in addition to their photographer, Julio UmaƱa, a reporter from Tela, Edwin Castillo, and Gustavo Cardoza, from Radio Progreso are being held. All three were beaten and are being held, despite having identified themselves as reporters.

Tiempo reports that their reporter was released about 1:30 pm local time, but that all of the shots on his camera had been deliberately erased by the police.

Also.... a judge has overturned the arrests and invalidated the raid on the Teacher University here in Tegucigalpa. Apparently the police failed to use due process in executing their search when they broke in, searched and arrested up to 120 people there.

I wonder what we will find out when the Interamerican Human Rights Commission visits here August 17-21. Like I stated yesterday, I am concerned that the polarization of the people will continue to grow the longer this thing goes on. Surely there is a reasonable solution all can be satisfied with.

Grace & peace.


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