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Aug 9, 2009

Very quiet weekend....

It's been a very quiet weekend here in Tegucigalpa. The only excitement was at 7:45 this morning when a bird caused an electric explosion and outage. Lori and I were awakened from our sleep by a very loud bang. I thought it was probably a car wreck. Turned out to be a bird that somehow caused a short in the electrical wires. It laid dead right below the telephone pole outside our house. Power was out for about a half hour.

The 5 day marches are supposed to get to Teguc tomorrow. Should be an interesting day if they have a lot of people. There has been no real report of how many it will be. The total population of Honduras is a little over 7.5 million so if 1% of the entire country came it would be 75,000 people. We'll see.

A delegation from the OAS was supposed to come on Tuesday to discuss the possibilities of an agreement to end the crisis, but that has been put on hold. The current government has said that the OAS secretary, Insulza, is not welcome as part of the delegation so they have put it off as he was going to be part of it. Micheletti actually said, "He is welcome to come to Honduras as a tourist and he can spend money like the rest of the tourists."

Blogs I'm reading that give perspectives from both sides of the issues.....

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Another good source for news (somewhat unbiased) has been.... Proceso Digital (it's all spanish).

For minute by minute news of any given day a good source is El Heraldo... their articles are pretty biased in their portrayal of events, but the minute to minute section is a good source for quick updates about what is happening almost up to the minute. (again, it's all spanish).



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