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Aug 6, 2009

more of the same...

there were more marches today. they took over two main roads for a short period of time. one is the road the american embassy is on and close to mi esperanza and our warehouse. the march moved past rather quickly. it forced me to take an alternate route to go and pick up some tables, but that is just the way it is. there was no school again today for most of the kids here. that is a very difficult situation.

the teacher's union here has come out in support of ex-president zelaya since the beginning. that is interesting to me only because before he was ousted the teachers were striking and not working because they were not getting paid )by his administration). now they are striking and not working in support of the administration that wasn't paying them. to me it is very weird. there seem to be a lot of teachers that want to go to work and teach, but are being made to keep the doors of the schools closed by the union. when they do open them, we have situations like yesterday with mercedes (read it here).

the other thing that is everywhere is the graffiti. wherever they march, there is graffiti on all the walls and buildings along the route. "golpistas", "asesinos", "fuera golpistas", etc. there are very few places now where you don't see it. today the marchers were going down a street with a bunch of statues of previous honduran presidents and they tied pillowcases over the heads of most of them as if to say..... "you shouldn't see this" or something like that.

today we had occasion to drive past the restaurants that were "stoned" yesterday. all of the front windows had been removed and they were preparing to replce them. they had also already repainted over most of the graffiti. The university has filed a complaint against the police for invading the school. the rector (school chancellor) is also pursuing action as she was taken to the ground when she tried to intervene. like always, there are conflicting reports about how it all went down. we'll probably never really know.

ex-president zelaya has finished his visit in mexico and is headed for brazil to meet with the president there. the OSA has decided to send an envoy here to honduras next week in an effort to convince the current administration to accept the latest arias proposal. the authorities here have asked that the envoy not include any of the chancellors from ALBA countries. those are the countries aligned with venezuela and include bolivia, ecuador, and nicaragua, and cuba. honduras is also an ALBA nation, but only at the urging of zelaya (although it was ratified by congress) and they want to meet with countries they feel have less ties to chavez and his agenda. it will be interesting to see who is part of the envoy when it comes.

there has been no more info coming from the zelaya's "militia" in nicaragua. we saw some interviews the last couple days from a few who left to go home when mel left for mexico on wednesday. reports are that it is less than a few hundred still there. word is that the marches from around the country have begun and are on their way to san pedro and teguc.

in the meantime, the work goes on. spent today working at the warehouse and lori is working with her webmaster to redesign the mi esperanza website.


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