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Aug 16, 2009

Just so we're clear....

I received this comment on one of my posts the other day....

You seriously need to consider the source when you read about events. I know you live there and are closer to the action and the people, but that doesn't change the fact that leftist news will propagandize everything to paint themselves in a better light and their opponents as poorly as possible. Try to find an unbiased source.

Love you brother,


I have always been somewhat skeptical of the media and the biases that are inherent in most of it. If any of us believe for one minute that the only ones who "propagandize everything" are "leftists", then we would be fooling ourselves. It is done on all sides, all the time. Seriously Jake... there are no "unbiased sources". The stories we are getting from the "righty" sources are just as biased as the ones from those "leftys". I appreciate your concern for my ability to be discerning (obviously you don't think I can be?), but really, I think I have just enough smarts to know that "considering the source" is always appropriate. I will assume that you are doing the same.

Right now, through this blog, I am just attempting to provide people with all sides of the conflict here and let people get an understanding of just how polarizing this crisis is.


Blogger thepriesthood said...

tru dat, Mark.

When we think we've found an "unbiased source," any investigation of that source only reveals our own biases.

If Jake ever finds this "unbiased source" I hope he shares it with all of us.

As for now, Mark, I'm down with your bias. I resonate with how you see the world--thru the eyes of the those on the underside of power...


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