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Oct 29, 2009

Possible agreement? Believe it when it becomes reality...

There has been very little news since the dialogue broke down at the end of last week, but things have heated up over the last couple days. Yesterday, three representatives from the US State Department arrived including Thomas Shannon, the head of Latin American affairs. Word is that they have come to "encourage" a return to dialogue. They were to have met with both Zelaya and Micheletti yesterday. It has also been reported that Hillary Clinton talked to both Zelaya and Micheletti by phone earlier this week encouraging them to reach an agreemant.

It was reported that the Micheletti team has agreed to allow Congress to make the call on Zelaya's restitution to power (a reversal from last week and in agreement with Zelaya's desires) with the caveat that the decision is done after hearing the constitutional opinions of the Supreme Court. They announced yesterday that they were ready to sign the agreement. No word from Zelaya's team as to whether they accept the new proposal.

We were grateful last week to have some visitors from Mitchell, Indiana. Five traveled here to complete some projects that had been intended for a trip this past summer, but because of the political unrest, were unable to be completed. They installed water purification systems at two children's homes and built three houses during their 6 day trip. It was a blast having them here.

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