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Oct 31, 2009

OK... this is good...DECONSTRUCTION...

Found this at Naked Pastor

I frequently get emails from pastors wondering how they can get their church from running like a machine to looking like a functional family. They wonder how to get from where they are to where they think my church is (I plan on writing more about that tomorrow, which is a whole other issue). I would call this process the deconstruction of the church. Be mindful that we’ve gotten to where we are today after 12 years and tons of continued disdain, ridicule, opposition and rejection. Anyway, here’s 10 suggestions I’ve quickly strung together for a start:

1. Determine in your heart that you will do all things out of love, compassion and patience.
2. Make sure this is what you want no matter what the cost (because often the cost is high).
3. Are there any leaders or elders who are in agreement with you and will endure with you for the long haul?
4. Start speaking honestly about what you are feeling and thinking. Begin with your closest group and move out to the whole community.
5. Allow people to see you at your weakest. Then allow them to reveal themselves at their weakest.
6. Let things die that require coercion, manipulation, begging or controlling others in order to live and continue on.
7. Welcome diversity in belief, thought and lifestyle (they are already diverse, you are just welcoming its open expression).
8. Change the teaching/ preaching time to a shorter teaching time with discussion following. This is scary at first, but you’ll get used to it and eventually prefer it. This levels the playing field really fast.
9. Challenge only those who are judging, abusing, and controlling others.
10. If people decide this is not for them, bless them as they go (because they will eventually go).

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about why I find such requests on how to do this rather bizarre. It’s been a difficult road that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Unless, of course, this is what they really, really want.


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