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Oct 14, 2009

Not much going on in Honduras...

Sorry for the lack of info lately. there just hasn't been much happening. the "guaymura dialogue" has continued as the representatives of Micheletti and Zelaya continue the process of negotiating an exit to the political crisis. according to reports, they have settled on 7 of 8 points including NO amnesty for Zelaya and the elections will go on as scheduled on November 29th. The final point to be worked out is what to do with Zelaya. For now, he continues to be hold up in the Brazilian Embassy. He has been there since September 21st.

There are threats emanating from Zelaya that he needs to be reinstalled in the presidency by October 15. That is tomorrow! Juan Barahona, one of the leaders of the resistence, has has been a part of the negotiating team for Zelaya, but yesterday he was replaced. There are reports that there was great division among Zelaya's team. Barahona has continued to threaten that the resistence will never give up their fight for the Constituent Assembly and the dialogue (even the San Jose Accord proposed by Oscar Arias in July) calls for the Constituent to be dropped. Barahona and the Resistence are threatening to escalate their "fight" if Zelaya's October 15 deadline is not met. Nobody is quite sure what he means, but there are threats of violent outbreaks in an effort to force Zelaya back into the presidency. Of course, we have heard these types of threats before and nothing has come of them. That is not to say they are empty threats because anything is possible. We'll see what happens Friday and Saturday.

Today is the day that the dialogue is supposed to tackle the issue of Zelaya. It seems that nobody really knows what to do with him. That sounds funny, doesn't it? He is wanted for up to 18 crimes against Honduras and the constitution and yet there is no way to arrest him as he is officially on Brazilian soil. Not sure what options have been proposed. should be an interesting end of the week for sure.


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