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Oct 30, 2009

Honduras has an agreement!!!

I just got home and read the news that the delegations have signed an agreement to end the political crisis in Honduras. Here are the basics points in the agreement...

1-- The creation of a government of unity and national reconciliation

2-- Rejection of amnesty for political crimes, and delay of criminal prosecutions.

3--Renouncing the convening of a National Constituent Assembly or the reform of the Constitution in its irreformable constitutional articles.

4-- Recognition and support for the general elections and the succession of Government.

5-- The transfer of authority over the Armed Forces to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal

6-- The creation of a commission of verification to ensure compliance with the points of the accord.

7-- The formation of a commission of truth to investigate the events before, during, and after the 28th of June of 2009.

8-- Request of the international community the normalization of international relations with our country.

9-- Support a proposal that permits a vote in the National Congress with a previous opinion by the Supreme Court of Justice to return all the Executive Power back to before the 28th of June.

Word is that the "non-interfering" visit of Thomas Shannon and the others from the US State Department (you can read some of the reports (rumors?) here) was basically an arm-twisting that said "come to an agreement or else!"

The final point (#9) means that the restitution of Manuel Zelaya is now in the hands of the Honduran Congress and all have agreed to accept whatever they decide. Apparently this agreement (point #8) means that the US, UN and others have agreed to immediately restore all relationships with Honduras to the way they were before June 28, when all this started. That includes recognition of Micheletti as legitimate, all aid restored, restoration of visas, recognition of Honduran Consulate appointees (as appointed by Micheletti), etc.

The "resistence" has not accepted this agreement and are continuing to vow for a disruption of the elections and an insistence on convening a constitutional assembly to rewrite the constitution. The problem for them is that they are, for the moment at least, irrelevant to the agreement.

grace and peace


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