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Oct 16, 2009

Deadline comes and goes...

Zelaya's self-imposed "or else" deadline of October 15th has come and gone and absolutely nothing has changed. The Guaymura Dialogue ended today with no agreement although they are saying there is 95% agreement. Of course the sticky point is what to do with "Mel". Reports are that Micheletti is asking for that to be settled through the Supreme Court so that it is a legal resolution and Zelaya has publicly asked that the solution be in the hands of the National Congress because it should be a political solution. As I have stated earlier, I'm not sure there is any middle ground in this point. Unfortunately that is proving to be true as they have worked for the last two days, up to 10 hours a day and there is still no agreement on this point. Mel's supporters had another small demonstration near the Clarion Hotel today. That is where the talks have been taking place. It was peaceful. Zelaya continues to be holed up in the Brazilian Embassy. I got to believe he has to regret coming back. It is basically house arrest.

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