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Oct 24, 2009

The Carter Center - A pretty good Crisis overview...

The Carter Center (a non-profit founded by Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter) has published a recent interview that gives a pretty accurate overview of the Honduran political mess. My only issue is it's characterization of what happened as a "coup". All in all it is a good read and even offers opinions on solutions. My understanding is that they have sent a small team here to get a closer look at what is happening.....

Carter Center Interview

The Guaymura Dialogue has appeared to have broken down as of yesterday. The latest proposal by Micheletti's team was actually a re-proposal of both Micheletti and Zelaya resigning and a transitional government being established to get the country through to the elections and a new administration. This was immediately rejected by Zelaya's delegation as the only thing they will accept is full restitution of Zelaya to the presidency.

There have been some terrorist acts over the past week. An electrical tower was sabbotaged that cause a power loss to a fairly large area near San Pedro Sula and two grenade-type bombs were discovered at the Mall Multiplaza (in the restrooms) here in Tegucigalpa. A group called the Socialist Revolutionary Front has claimed responsibility for both acts and vows to continue this type of thing until Zelaya is returned to power. Zelaya himself has disowned the group.

The hope here is still that the elections will solve this thing once and for all. In my opinion, the involvement of the international community should be to assure the coming elections are done fairly and above board. Of course, that may be the first time it has ever happened as most here would tell you most, if not all, elections are fraudulent. Zelaya himself admitted he won by fraud in this interview and this week, Cesar Ham (Democratic Union party's presidential candidate for the upcoming elections and Zelaya supporter) said it's no big deal because "everybody does it."


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