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Sep 27, 2009

tomorrow supposed to be a big day....

they are saying that tomorrow will be a big day in the honduran crisis. no way to know for sure. today was rumor central as well as some very interesting developments. the micheletti government refused the entry of four of five OAS delegates right at the airport. the reason they are giving is because of the fact that honduras is, at this moment, not a recognized member of the OAS and therefore these delegates have to have permission to come as representatives of the OAS. they did not formally ask for permission to come and were refused entry. the rumor is that they were coming so tat they could orchestrate a move of zelaya to the american embassy. also, the US sent micheletti's daughter home from the states as an official "sanction". she arrived today. there are rumors that honduras may decide not to allow any more gringos to enter honduras as a reciprocal action. just a rumor at this point. they have already done the same to brazil, argentina, mexico, and venzuela on a governmental level. They won't recognize micheletti and honduras, so micheletti and honduras won't recognize them. they all have so many days to remove themselves and abandon their embassies, even as far as taking down the flags. rumors abound that there are thousands headed to tegucigalpa for what is being called on radio globo (a pro-zelaya statiom) as the "final offensive".

we'll see.


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