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Sep 27, 2009

not sure what to expect...

there are reports this morning that zelaya is attempting to establish a "parallel government" from his location in the brazilian embassy. rumors abound that his former cabinet members are scheduled to arrive in the country today on commercial flights. of course, there are standing arrest warrants for all of them here so nobody knows what may happen when, and if, they do arrive. there is also a report that last night, Mel made the call to all his supporters to come to tegucigalpa for the "ofensiva final", the final offensive. nobody is sure what this means. there are also rumors that an armed commando would attempt to reinstate zelaya by force.

last night, micheletti issued an ultimatum to the brazilians saying they have 10 days to do something about zelaya. what they do after 10 days it doesn't say. of curse, lula (president of brazil) rejected the threat as meaningless. there is a report that braziliana living here in honduras have sent a communique to their embassy asking that they turn zelaya over to the honduran authorities.

there definitely seems to be a lot of rumor and talk this morning.


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