"I gave up all that inferior stuff so I could know Christ personally, experience his resurrection power, be a partner in his suffering, and go all the way with him to death itself." ~Philippians 3:10

Sep 24, 2009

curfew lifted for the day....

the curfew (toque de queda) was lifted today but is back in affect tonight from 7pm until 5am tomorrow morning. it was good to be able to go to the warehouse and get a little work done. david logue came and picked up the rest of the library and school books i had available. he is going to bring them to one of the local bilingual schools and see if they want them for their library.

josue (a friend from the airport) called to see if we had any food at the warehouse. work has been pretty scarce for him and his crew. they are luggage handlers and pretty much survive on tips. well, since last summer (the plane crash closed the airport for two months) things just haven't been good for them. now then the airport closures and the lack of tourists since zelaya was ousted has added to the problem. i told him to come on over and we were able to give him enough soup and vegetables for his family and a few neighbors.

milton then met with a man who runs one of the feeding centers here. they feed about 250 kids lunch every day during the week. we loaded them up with a few 100 pound bags of beans and enough soup to mke about 1400 gallons.

today there was a march of supporters of the current government. they gethered in front of the UN building here and announced their support for zelaya's dismissal. there were a couple of other small gatherings of mel supporters. they blocked the entrance to bulevar suyapa, but all in all it seemed to be a pretty calm day.

today we had opportunity to pass within a block of the brazilian embassy where the deposed president, mel zelaya, is staying. the place where i do banking is very near there and i had to cash a check. here are a few pictures of the military presence surrounding that location....


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