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Sep 28, 2009

anticipated demonstrations did not happen....

good news..... it has been a quiet day today in regards to the threatened demonstrations and "final offensive". haven't heard why it didn't happen. my suspicion is that the threat was merely that, a threat. the pro-zelaya media is no longer on the air and they have been known to exaggerate the truth. the people coming in from all over just didn't happen.

other news.... it appears that the OAS delegation has now received permission to come to honduras thursday. we'll see what happens. there is renewed hope for some sort of agreement to be reached in the coming week. it likely will not include either zelaya or micheletti and instead, point to making the coming elections the way out. we'll see if it happens

UPDATE (5:15 Honduras time): It appears that Micheletti will indeed repeal the decree to suspend personal constitutional liberties. YEA!! Wise decision.


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